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What other aspects can the laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine be used for?

Date: 2022-10-07Number: 202

The biology lab sees it as the beginning of scientific research and must carry out various experiments every day, instruments, utensils, special tools such as test tubes, measuring cups, glass slides, electronic analytical scales, prisms, medical tweezers, and clamps, all of which need to be completely cleaned before being used in the next experiment. For some complex cleaning targets, manual cleaning is not as easy to clean. Contaminated instrument accessories, utensils, special tools will affect the authenticity of experimental data.

Therefore, more and more biological laboratories are aware of the convenience and practicability of ultrasonic cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning machine as a biological laboratory essential equipment.

Therefore, what kind of equipment is the ultrasonic cleaning machine, and what is its working principle? In addition to this as a biological laboratory cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning machine can also be used in what?

laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine

How to understand ultrasonic cleaning?

Oscillations above 20 khz (20,000 oscillations per second) are called ultrasonic waves. So when the oscillations act on the liquid, during the stretching stage, one million tiny bubbles of vacuum are created in the liquid, and these bubbles explode during the pressure stage, resulting in a locally high-energy pressure shock, this process is called cavitation. Compared with the higher frequency above and below 40KHz, the lower frequency above and below 28KHz results in larger diameter bubbles with stronger pressure impact, and different ultrasonic frequency should be selected according to different cleaning tasks.

How does the ultrasound work?

Cavitation causes pollutants to vibrate out of the surface, pits and holes of the object to be cleaned, together with a purposeful cleaning fluid, can quickly and effectively achieve cleaning purposes. Ultrasonic cleaning is more efficient in a few minutes than any manual cleaning. At the same time, it is mild, which prevents both mechanical damage and chemical corrosion.

What kind of ultrasonic cleaning machine do you prefer?

The size of the cleaning object depends on the size of the cleaning basket, and then depends on the type of machine required. In order to let the ultrasound can be used from all fields, it is best to choose a little larger machine equipment, which also for the future expansion of the room for manoeuvre.

The difficulty of cleaning depends on the geometric structure of the cleaning object and the type of contamination. For complex cleaning tasks, it is proposed to improve the preparation process, such as steam cleaning or spray cleaning.

Does it have to be heated during the ultrasonic cleaning?

Heating the cleaning fluid helps to reduce the cleaning time and can remove contaminants more quickly. Therefore, for the cleaning of the cleaning objectives, the general use of the heating device with the cleaning equipment.

Why does the water get hot when the ultrasound works?

The ultrasonic cleaning machine equipment with heating has a temperature setting function, when the setting temperature is realized, the heater is closed, but because the ultrasonic cavitation will warm the heated liquid, at the same time, some of the mechanical energy of the ultrasonic wave will be converted into heat energy, which will also lead to the heating of the cleaning solution.

Can ultrasound damage parts?

There are hundreds of cavitating bubbles imploding every second, and that's tough. Little do not know, ultrasonic cleaning is a very safe link, because the energy in the“Micro” level, the diameter of the cavitation bubble is limited to 1-3 nanometers!

Which liquids are allowed?

Please combine cleaning object with material and environmental pollution