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What role does the timing cleaning function of the ultrasonic cleaning machine have?

Date: 2022-09-22Number: 170

Because of its high efficiency and obvious effect, the ultrasonic cleaning machine can be mainly used for the cleaning of large workload, is the best choice for industrial equipment cleaning, which is why higher requirements for the cleanliness level of the field, such as hardware building materials industry, optical industry, medical equipment enterprises will choose the main reasons for ultrasonic cleaning machine.

ultrasonic cleaning machine

The ultrasonic cleaning machine with the function of timing and temperature adjustment for mechanical equipment is widely used in the fields of electronics, hardware, medical treatment and so on. This field all involves cleaning some precise articles, etc. , in this way, we can use the mechanical equipment to regulate the temperature regularly, and achieve a very good cleaning effect, and the cleaning efficiency is also very high, which is liked by many customers, and the mechanical practical operation is more convenient and fast, only a simple training can be practical operation.

Digital timing temperature control function of the ultrasonic cleaning machine using digital control panel to control the working time, cleaning fluid can be heated to effectively remove impurities, stains, rust-proof treatment, etc. , apply to jewelry, glasses, circuit board parts and other cleaning. Digital timing temperature can be more accurate to determine the temperature, the cleanliness of the high requirements for users more suitable.