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What should we pay attention to when ultrasonic cleaning machine is used?

Date: 2022-10-28Number: 232

Because many new users are the use of ultrasonic cleaning machine is not too skilled, often occurs. Now let's see what is the correct way to use it?

ultrasonic cleaning machine

Pay attention to the careful use of cleaning agents

In the use of ultrasonic cleaning machine, must be strictly in accordance with the standard order to operate, especially can not directly turn on the machine and then pour into the detergent, this is a violation and can cause serious problems and even damage the machine, so be sure to put the liquid in first and then turn on the switch. In addition, the manufacturer of the ultrasonic cleaning machine reminded that the composition of the cleaning agent should also be taken into account. It may contain flammable liquids, so the operation must be completed in a short period of time, and the whole process needs to be supervised by someone, do not leave the scene.

Pay attention to the use of corrosive or volatile cleaning fluid need to do special treatment

Generally speaking, the use of dangerous cleaning fluid is not recommended, so if the situation is more special, emphasizing that ultrasonic cleaning machine manufacturers must use a corrosive or volatile liquid, then it should be handled properly in an indirect way. First add water to the tank body, then use a container containing cleaning fluid and put in the items that must be cleaned, and then wait for them to immerse in the water of the tank body. Cleaning in this way will have the same effect, and to ensure safety.

Third, pay attention to control the factors of cleaning

Ultrasonic washing machine manufacturers do not recommend that we must clean the things on the bottom, should have to use a special cleaning bracket to carry out overhead in the middle of the position, in this way when eating can be evenly forced to obtain a good cleaning effect. In addition, high-end ultrasonic cleaning machine manufacturers also need to note that the cleaning fluid should be put in the energy control, do not put too little or may damage the instrument or abnormal.