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When the ultrasonic cleaning machine does not work properly, what is the performance?

Date: 2022-10-18Number: 212

Ultrasonic cleaning machine mainly through the transducer, the power of the ultrasonic frequency source of sound energy into mechanical vibration, according to the tank will be ultrasonic radiation into the tank cleaning fluid, because of the radiation of ultrasound, the micro-bubbles in the tank liquid can be maintained under the influence of sound waves, thus destroying the adsorption between the waste and the surface of the cleaning piece, causing the fatigue damage of the waste layer so that it is peeled off, the vibration of the gas-type air bubble carries on the cleaning to the solid part.

If the ultrasonic cleaning machine can not work properly, it is necessary to find the cause, and then carry out a targeted inspection and maintenance. Then let's know what happens when the ultrasonic cleaning machine doesn't work properly? What caused the problem?

ultrasonic cleaning machine

Plug in the power supply, the power lamp does not turn on

This kind of problem usually has two problems, one is the power switch occurs common fault, must replace the new switch. Second, the fuse is blown, must check whether there is a mix of ground wire and fire wire caused by machinery and equipment and there is no grounding device, and then check whether the equipment is due to the aging of electronic components caused by a short circuit is a fuse, find the correct fault phenomenon, should be timely repair and replacement of the new fuse.

The indicator light is on, but there is no ultrasonic output

This kind of problem, must from the following five aspects to find fault phenomenon.

Check the transducer:

Check the connection plug between the transducer and the ultrasonic power board for looseness, then check the connection plug of the transducer regularly using Megohm meter, check the transducer positive and negative pole insulation resistance value to see whether the transducer is moisture condition, if the moisture can be used to dry the hair dryer, if the transducer is not moisture, it may be a failure of the transducer, a new transducer must be replaced.

Transducer vibrator burn out:

After the degumming of transducer vibrator, vibrator and vibration surface connection worse, long-term use will burn the vibrator, if the vibrator burned, you need to let professional maintenance inspection.

Voltage regulator failure:

Power tube resistance value small or short circuit, turn on the chance of causing damage to the regulator, can use a multimeter diode file for detection, if the regulator is damaged, should be timely replacement of the new regulator.

Inductors, isolating Transformers burned out:

Inductors and transformers belong to the heat dissipation components, if there is a short-circuit caused by burning, it is necessary to replace the new electronic components.

Damage to the control panel:

Machine equipment after a period of time, if the penetration of cleaning fluid, will also lead to the aging of electronic components. Can Stop the machine equipment work, disconnect the control board and the motherboard connection, the motherboard electrification, if the machine work, also means that the control board destroyed, must be replaced regularly.

The radiator fan can rotate, but has no ultrasonic output

May be due to power tube damage or fuse burn, the power tube on the motherboard will be due to the long-term use of the machine, resulting in a short circuit power tube.

When the power tube is connected on the motherboard, check the resistance of the pins on both sides of the power tube with a multimeter.

Turn on the power and trip

Must check whether there is a short circuit generator power line, generator rectifier bridge is not what the problem, you can use a multimeter detection generator rectifier bridge four feet have a short circuit, if a short circuit, to replace the bridge rectifier.

The cleaning effect is not satisfactory

The reason for this may be that the frequency of the ultrasonic wave is not adjusted properly, the position of the cleaning fluid in the tank is not reasonable or the liquid temperature is too high, and the cleaning fluid used is not up to the specifications, this should be adjusted according to the size of the equipment and the material being cleaned.

The above is the performance of the ultrasonic cleaning machine can not work normally and its failure phenomenon analysis, in order to ensure the normal start of the equipment, if found problems should be timely maintenance solution, can not take"Disease" work, to avoid causing further damage.