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Why did you buy the ultrasonic cleaning machine can not be washed off?

Date: 2022-10-18Number: 234

What can the ultrasonic cleaning machine wash?

Ultrasonic cleaning belongs to physical cleaning, is a kind of practical green cleaning technology, if the cleaning fluid in the appropriate detergent can enhance the cleaning effect, other advantages of physical or chemical cleaning are unmatched.

It is widely used in food industry, textile industry, paper industry, packaging and printing industry, petroleum coal mine, transportation industry, electric power engineering, metal products processing, machinery and equipment, automobile manufacturing, instrumentation, electronics, post and telecommunications, medical equipment products, biomedicine, optical mirror glass, List of semiconductor materials, military equipment, aerospace, shipping and other key areas.

In a word, ultrasonic cleaning application is quite extensive, basically can clean all walks of life goods.

ultrasonic cleaning machine

Why did you buy the ultrasonic cleaning machine can not be washed off?

Ultrasonic cleaning is usually by means of ultrasonic cavitation, and the strength and weakness of ultrasonic cavitation and acoustic parameters, cleaning fluid properties, cleaning environment temperature and pressure, etc. .

Therefore, in order to get a good cleaning effect, must be based on the cleaning of the items and stains to select the appropriate acoustic parameters and detergent.

What kind of cleaning agent is suitable for ultrasonic cleaning?

The selection of ultrasonic cleaning agents can generally be considered from two angles, not only from the nature of waste to select cleaning agents, at the same time is to take into account the detergent interfacial tension, viscosity and the formation of high-temperature steam pressure. So these characteristics will be strong and weak ultrasonic cavitation, high steam pressure will reduce the intensity of ultrasonic cavitation, cleaning liquid surface tension, viscosity is generally not easy to produce cavitation.

Therefore, the high tension and viscosity of cleaning agents are not conducive to ultrasonic cleaning.

At present, the vast majority of the ultrasonic cleaning machine tank on the market is made of stainless steel material stamping or welding into, do not recommend the use of strong acid strong alkali easy corrosion tank cleaning agent, otherwise it will shorten the service life of the equipment, with special requirements to communicate with manufacturers to replace the material in the tank or plating protection layer.

In addition, if the need to apply the cleaning agent of inflammable and explosive articles, it is necessary to support the cooling explosion-proof processing technology.

What is the proper temperature for ultrasonic cleaning?

Temperature is one of the key factors interfering with cleaning speed and efficiency. When the cleaning liquid temperature rises, it is beneficial to the formation of ultrasonic cavitation, but when the temperature is too high, the corresponding vapor pressure will expand, the intensity of ultrasonic cavitation decreases. Each cleaning agent has its corresponding active temperature of ultrasonic cavitation, and the optimum temperature of clear water is from 45 ° C to 60 ° C, when ultrasonic cavitation is more active.

The selection of ultrasonic cleaning temperature should understand the impact on the strength and weakness of ultrasonic cavitation, but also take into account the chemical characteristics of the cleaning liquid.

How long is the ultrasonic cleaning time?

Ultrasonic cleaning time is generally about 5-30 minutes between different types of items and their adhesion stains thick level of cleaning time is not the same, need specific analysis.