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Why does a laboratory ultrasonic cleaner hum?

Date: 2022-10-20Number: 334

Ultrasonic cleaning machine is mainly used to eliminate pollutants equipment, according to the transducer will be a high-power ultrasonic source of sound energy into mechanical vibration to clean objects, widely used in industrial production, national defense technology, biomedical engineering and other aspects.

It can create an infinite number of tiny, tiny bubbles from the vibrations that sound creates as it travels through a liquid. These tiny bubbles suddenly close and form a shock wave when they grow rapidly in a short period of time, destroy the waste and cleaning parts of the surface of the suction, the cleaning parts and the accumulation of impurities from the waste separation.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine can be used for cleaning laboratory equipment, glass containers, measuring cups and test tubes. Compared with the manual cleaning, the ultrasonic cleaning machine has many technical advantages, such as batch cleaning, all-round non-dead-angle and so on, and is suitable for ultrasonic dispersion, extraction, emulsification, vibration and other experimental processing, with high convenience, economical and practical.

laboratory ultrasonic cleaner

Why does an ultrasonic cleaner hum?

The main reason is that when Sonication in a liquid, every tiny bubble in the liquid breaks apart and creates an extremely powerful shock wave, the equivalent of hundreds of Baidu temperatures and thousands of atmospheres at once, this is known as“Cavitation,” and ultrasonic cleaning uses the shock wave created by the bursting of bubbles in the liquid to clean and scour the inner and outer surfaces of the workpiece.

The ultrasonic wave spreads in the liquid, causes the liquid and the trough to vibrate together under the ultrasonic frequency, when the liquid and the trough vibrate the natural frequency, this kind of vibration frequency is the sound wave frequency, therefore people hear the humming sound.

Naturally, it is important to choose a suitable ultrasonic cleaning machine for laboratory use.

1. Tank Size: the size of the ultrasonic cleaning tank is different, so before the selection, make sure that the size and number of the usual cup test tube cleaning, can try to choose a larger tank cleaning machine.

2. Ultrasonic frequency: laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine generally adopted about 28-40kHz cleaning frequency, due to the use of water or detergent due to cavitation caused by the physical cleaning force in the low-frequency effect is the best.

3. Functional Requirements: the ultrasonic cleaning machine on the market many functions, there are CNC, mechanical, power adjustable. The experiment uses the recommended numerical control type, the appearance is exquisite and generous, may remember the last time fixed time.