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Why is the cleaning of the laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine less than ideal?

Date: 2022-09-28Number: 168

As a cleaning equipment, ultrasonic cleaning machine is a complete machine in the laboratory, although common, but very effective, and even affect the results of a whole study, therefore, familiar with the routine operation of ultrasonic cleaning machine, system maintenance and cleaning and maintenance is the key to the laboratory professional skills.

The principle of ultrasonic cleaning machine

The ultrasonic cleaning machine uses the principle of ultrasonic cavitation, when the bubble formed by the ultrasonic wave suddenly cracks, it will create more than 1000 atmospheric pressure, this constantly results in the replacement of manpower by intense micro-explosions and shock waves, which destroy the waste on the surface of the cleaned material and immediately drop it.

Before the standard use of ultrasonic cleaning machine, operators to understand the existence of the value of machinery and equipment.

The ultrasonic cleaning machine is mainly composed of ultrasonic cleaning trough and ultrasonic generator. The ultrasonic cleaning tank is strong, elastic and has the advantages of anti-corrosion. The bottom of the tank is provided with a Ultrasonic transducer oscillator. Ultrasonic waves can be transmitted to the transducer through a cable connection, which in turn resonates with the vibrating plate at high frequencies, allowing the solvent in the tank to be cleaned by ultrasonic waves.

ultrasonic cleaning machine

Operational process steps

When using this product, it is important that the following specifications are strictly enforced and applied in stages.

First, connect the cable between the cleaning tank and the generator;

Secondly, the cleaning fluid into the sink, it should be noted that the amount of the cleaning fluid into the cleaning object, the surface of the liquid is about 3/4 of the overall. Then the cleaned object is put into the cleaning trough, and the power plug is plugged in;

Finally, set the cleaning time, and then start.

There are a few other things you should be aware of when applying your product:

First, the ultrasonic cleaner switch power supply and heater switch power supply must have a good grounding system;

Second, the ultrasonic cleaning machine to prohibit no cleaning fluid start, in other words, cleaning cylinder and did not add a certain amount of cleaning fluid, you can not cover the ultrasonic switch;

Third, there are heating equipment cleaning machinery to prohibit the opening of heating switch when no liquid;

Finally, can not be used to clean the bottom of the cylinder with a heavy object impact, in order to prevent damage to the energy converter chip.

Cleaning is not ideal for reasons

First, the ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning tank cleaning fluid level is not good, which will lead to less than ideal cleaning, to adjust the cleaning machine fluid level to change the actual cleaning effect.

Second, ultrasonic frequency harmony and no alignment is easy to appear ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning is not ideal, be sure to re-planning.

Third, if the cleaning tank liquid temperature is too high, will also cause the cleaning is not ideal, so to control the temperature of the cleaning solution.

Finally, the use of unreasonable cleaning fluid is also a cause of the ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning is not ideal, be sure to choose the appropriate cleaning fluid.

In fact, ultrasonic high-speed vibration can clean and sterilize the surface of the object, cavitation effect is significant, cleaning efficiency is much higher than manual cleaning, cleaning blind area and destruction. But these actual effects are all reflected in the scientific and reasonable operation process and scientific and efficient working environment. Therefore, in order to achieve better cleaning effect, operators should pay attention to certain application matters.


1. To maintain natural ventilation, drying and cleaning of the working area of machinery and equipment, which is beneficial to the continuous normal operation of machinery and equipment and the optimization of working conditions;

2. When the cleaning liquid is too dirty, it should be properly treated. Cleaning the dirty in the cleaning tank and storage tank on time and maintaining the cleanliness of the inside and outside of the cleaning tank can improve the durability of the cleaning tank

3. Electrical control box and equipment vent to avoid water vapor, corrosive substances, dust, dust on time with Compressed air cleaning;

4. Timely test equipment insulation performance, for aging electrical components periodic inspection, check the grounding wire to ensure good grounding of machinery and equipment this project must be carried out by professional experience of electricians;

5. Test the power supply on time, determine the power supply voltage to meet the requirements of the machine, avoid high or low unstable power supply under long-term work;

6. For equipment containing filtering devices, the filter element shall be replaced in a timely manner;

7. If there is transmission mechanism, it should be filled with lubricating fluid such as butter and oil on time to replace gear oil in time to ensure that the moving parts work in a good lubrication environment.

The way common faults are handled when an exception occurs

1. No ultrasonic examination of switching power supply, Fuse, Control 6,7 treatment;

2. Non-electric heating check switch power supply, temperature controller set is not in the normal position, check the water level switch, check whether the electric heater is invalid;

3. Poor insulation of live electric heating components of the shell or other components connected to the shell circuit, replace the poor insulation components, connect the grounding wire;

4. Sound abnormal, the actual effect of cleaning reduce the ultrasonic generator or transducer abnormal, check the transducer lead wire insulation resistance of the two terminals, and remove the transducer guard plate, check whether there is any abnormal;

5. The fuse is burnt, no blackening in the glass tube to check the power supply voltage, may be too high power supply voltage or load changes caused by an instant, replace the same specification of the fuse or a slightly larger fuse;

6. Fuse damage, black glass tube caused by over-current, it is likely that the internal power tube or circuit short-circuit;

Key points of cleaning and maintenance

1. In the cleaning process, we should pay attention to a lot of places, especially from the ultrasonic control cabinet top of the air intake splash conductive liquid (such as water) , otherwise it will cause serious impact on the cleaning machine circuit system;

2. Usually placed, to always pay attention to the maintenance of equipment cleaning, can not be used when the power off;

3. Our equipment is not crash-resistant products, so the application of the case, must avoid the impact of the machine or severe vibration;

4. Equipment in high temperature, the electronic component and wiring are not very good, so be sure to avoid the heat source;

5. Under the premise of avoiding the heat source, we should also prevent the equipment to put in the wet environment;

6. The continuous operation of the equipment shall not exceed 4 hours, if the continuous operation time is too long:

7. The cleaning solution should be precipitated, filtered or replaced in time to ensure the actual effect of cleaning.