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Working principle of pharmaceutical grade ultrasonic cleaning machine

Date: 2022-08-19Number: 191

Pharmaceutical-grade ultrasonic cleaning machine is mainly used to clean bottles, lids, label removal devices, exhaust devices, treatment utensils, treatment appliances, filling device pipes and so on. Pharmaceutical-grade ultrasonic cleaning machine working principle: the use of strong cavitation penetration of mechanical vibration, impact on the surface of the workpiece and cleaning agent to change the molecular structure of stains, when the energy efficiency to achieve maximum, the physical force of ultrasonic wave is greater than the adsorption force of the stain, so as to achieve the effect of fine washing.


Pharmaceutical-grade ultrasonic cleaning machine

Pharmaceutical-grade ultrasonic cleaning machine can also effectively clean the reactor. The cleaning liquid is circulated in the equipment through the circulation device to wash off the dirt. The cleaning process includes ultrasonic roughing of cleaning agent, high pressure spray rinsing of municipal water and hot air drying. When the temperature of the water reaches 40 degrees, the cleaning basket with the reactor is put into the ultrasonic cleaning tank, which lasts for one minute, then is turned into the high-pressure spray cleaning tank, and the high-pressure water of 150-200 mpa is washed away the dirt through the nozzle, remove after one minute and place in a drying tank to dry. 150-200 mpa of high pressure water through the nozzle to wash away the dirt.
The pharmaceutical-grade ultrasonic cleaning machine has simple structure. The utility model is composed of a generator, a transducer and a cleaning tank. The special generator has the function of frequency tracking, which makes the load change in accordance with the ultrasonic wave. Under different working conditions, the frequency is automatically adjusted, so that the transducer is always in the best state, and the energy transfer reaches the maximum, pLC LCD human-machine interface. The transducer is composed of imported piezoelectric ceramic pieces, imported adhesive bonding and welding nails double fixed way, extend the service life of the transducer. Cleaning tank made of 2mm thick stainless steel SUS304, acid and alkali resistance wear.
Pharmaceutical-grade ultrasonic cleaning machine will not cause corrosion to the workpiece, dirt can be effectively cleaned, with a short time. Can be customized according to the actual needs of users.