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In practice, how to use the ultrasonic cleaning machine to select the matching frequency?

Date: 2022-08-29Number: 216

Nowadays, the ultrasonic cleaning machine is widely used in the disinfection supply room, and it is very important in the cleaning and disinfection of all kinds of reble equipment.
The operating rules of disinfection and sterilization in hospital supply room clearly stipulated that the ultrasonic cleaning machine should select the corresponding ultrasonic frequency for different kinds of equipment, but did not indicate the specific selection.
In practice, how to use the ultrasonic cleaning machine to select the matching frequency?


ultrasonic cleaning machine

The basic principle of ultrasonic cleaning machine
This can be started from the basic principle of the ultrasonic cleaning machine-it uses the ultrasonic wave to produce the strong sound effect such as micro-water jet and shock wave after the ultrasonic cavitation in the liquid state to get rid of the stain on the surface of the sample, achieve the goal of cleaning.
Point one: Ultrasound
Ultrasound can also be spread in liquid, solid and gas, through the ability of strong water spread distance, in medicine, military, industrial production, agriculture and animal husbandry has a wide range of applications.
Knowledge Point 2: cavitation effect
The ultrasonic wave radiates forward in the cleaning fluid in an orderly manner, and the liquid state bears the positive pressure in the gathering area and the pulling force in the sparse area, this kind of bubble produces the growth in the negative pressure area, closes in the positive pressure area, is called the ultrasonic cavitation phenomenon.
To put it simply: when the sound pressure of ultrasound is strong enough, ultrasound spread in the liquid or soft tissue, it is possible to get ultra-small bubbles in the sound field, which is called cavitation effect.
Frequency hazards
The frequency of ultrasonic wave is different. Ultrasonic wave with different frequency has different cavitation effect.
The ultrasonic cavitation bubbles produced by low frequency wave are few in number and complex in structure, and the energy released by blasting is large and the cavitation effect is strong. Suitable for general equipment.
The ultrasonic cavitation bubbles produced by high frequency wave are large in number and small in size, small in energy released from engineering blasting, and weak in cavitation effect.
Frequency selection
01 low frequency cleaning (20 ~ 50kHz)
For the adhesion of light dirt, general equipment should be selected 40kHz.
The number of ultrasonic cavitation bubbles produced in the process of low frequency operation is less, the ultrasonic cavitation intensity of liquid is increased, the penetration is very strong, the density is small, the decontamination ability is very strong, and the ultrasonic cavitation noise is relatively small, however, the ability to penetrate the tiny structure is less than that of high frequency ultrasound.
Therefore, it can be used in general equipment and cleaning surface complex shape or blind hole equipment  .
02 high frequency cleaning (50 ~ 200kHz)
Easy to damage and very high requirements for cleaning, small cleaning items should be selected 80 ~ 100kHz.
High-frequency can better access to the micro-structure, applied to high-precision equipment, such as fine cleaning ophthalmology, microscope equipment.Low-frequency cleaning has a negative effect on the destruction of high-precision equipment, such as cavity mirror, in addition to the depth and effect of cleaning is also affected. Therefore, high-frequency ultrasonic cleaning should be selected to solve the problem of high-precision equipment, such as endoscopic surgery equipment, so as to avoid causing damage to equipment.